The New Dizplai UI – How & Why We Updated Our Platform

We’ve reengineered our cloud data display platform’s UI from the ground up. Find out why we did it and what’s changed in this blog.

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The Dizplai team have been hard at work behind the scenes completely rebuilding our UI (user interface) from the ground up. We’ve spent hour after hour testing, tinkering and testing some more, painstakingly establishing the perfect UI for our platform, and we’ve nailed it!

We can’t wait for you to get your hands on our interface revolution. Today, we’ll be showing off everything that’s new and running through everything you need to know, so let’s get started!

Why we updated our platform

At Dizplai, we champion innovation above all else.

We work at the cutting edge, helping to shape a perpetually changing industry. It’s our mission to drive positive change. As such, it’s essential that we’re always improving, both for ourselves, and for our clients!

Because of this, we maintain close relationships with our clients, as they’re the ones using the Dizplai platform day in, day out. Our UI changes are all based on feedback from our friends in businesses across the world. We learned that:

  • Speed is important; any seconds saved in the process of sourcing, checking and implementing content is key.
  • The interface could be simplified, providing a cleaner, more easily navigable environment and making better use of the available dashboard space.
  • Ease-of-use was integral; it was mandatory that our new UI didn’t take away from the user-friendliness that the Dizplai platform already had.

So, armed with this information, we got to work rebuilding and redesigning the Dizplai experience.

What’s new?

Now we’ve covered the why, it’s onto the exciting part – what’s changed!

New dashboard

When loading the new version of Dizplai, you’ll be able to get straight to some of your content, with recent sources and campaigns being front and centre, along with an area of the screen used for showing you hints and tricks to make the most of the software.

Sourcing content

This is the screen where you configure the different sources you’re going to use for your graphics. We make it easy to source content from all the major social networks, plus messaging platforms and data feeds.

Editing graphics

You will start with a set of standard templates, including a lower-third, ticker, full-screen social and polls. Each of these can be edited, with changes reflected in real-time preview renders. When you’re happy, save the template, and use it in any of your campaigns.

Running campaigns

Campaigns are made by combining sources with templates. This can be done using our onboard graphics engine, or delivered to your existing graphics software.

You can moderate, trim and prepare content by moving it from a raw Incoming feed, via Staging, to Live output. This can all be triggered from within this screen.

Building WebApps

As part of our new functionality, we have a section dedicated to building fully customisable WebApps. These include polling apps, quizzes and scoring mechanics, delivered to the audience’s devices, with real-time responses visible within Dizplai and ready to be collated and published for broadcast.

Our new WebApps are a revolutionary way of boosting engagement while keeping your audience in your own web environment.

What difference does this make to you?

Our commitment to continuous improvement means:

  • The new Dizplai platform is less time consuming to use.
    It’s much easier to find the features that you need.
  • You’re able to manage audience interactions more effectively with enhanced flexibility.
  • We’ve overhauled the platform’s aesthetic to create a functional & attractive working environment.
  • We have fully upgraded our graphics engine, giving you tighter control over graphics and providing more editing tools than ever before.
  • The platform is also significantly more powerful than before, meaning that it can handle higher quality visuals, further improving the look of your broadcasts.

See the new Dizplai UI in action.

To see our new UI with your own eyes, you have two options.
Come visit us at IBC 2022! We’ll be showing off our renovated platform and new functionality in full. If you’re attending, book a meeting with us today to avoid disappointment.

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Not going to IBC 2022? No worries! We’re more than happy to show you around digitally. Book a demo today and learn more about what our new powerful UI can do for your live content.

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