Broadcast Tech Fest panel with BBC, QVC and ITV

Broadcast Tech Fest staged a live in-person session about how the established broadcasters engage their audience using cloud-based solutions.

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BBC, QVC and ITV lead Broadcast Tech Fest panel

As sponsors of the annual Broadcast TechFest show, Dizplai were invited to moderate and take part in a live in-person panel and Q&A, joined by spokespeople from the three studios.

Held at the Brewery, one of London’s go-to event venues, the Broadcast TechFest is a comprehensive one-day event for the production and post industry.  Featuring a programme of exciting topics from acquisition, cloud solutions, and storage, where they cover case studies from the makers of the best content on our screens.

Cassandra Kyeyune, Assistant Producer from ITV, Phil Goodall, Senior Manager Broadcast Operation of QVC, and Stephen Neal, Live Director at BBC Studios’ ‘The One Show’ were in the spotlight. Joined by our Managing Director, Ed Abis, the host, Alex Humphries-French – our Head of Marketing & Communications – lead the discussion – ‘Cloud engagement: How content producers are using cloud-based solutions to enhance audience engagement’.

Discussing the way broadcasters are giving the audience an opportunity to connect with their live offering, Phil stated, “We’re live 16 hours a day, and finding ways to engage our audience is very important to us. More people started watching QVC during the pandemic, and to enable them to interact with us more easily, we integrated [Bee-On – our platform] into WhatsApp to create an interactive community of shoppers.”

The panel delved into the challenges they face with a huge social audience, and the strategy in moderating hot-topics to bring to air, Cassandra explained, “We have three million viewers on a live 22-minute show and get overwhelmed with questions. Our biggest challenge is filtering through them all, especially as the comments we show on screen aren’t passive – we need to answer them, so we have to be quite vigorous in filtering them.”

An eye-opening session, the panel finished with their top-three tips to success in activating viewers, including:

  • Create clear calls to action
  • Follow the conversation
  • Acknowledge your viewers
  • Give the audience a chance to share their opinion
  • Get them involved in the content

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