Content Sourcing

Source and Moderate Live Content

Curate data in an instant. Dizplai gives you seamless access to all the major social media platforms, popular messaging apps, and data feeds.

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Dizplai audience engagement platform sourcing and moderating live data

Social Media

Connect with the growing world of social media and messaging platforms with our authorized API access.

Create more touchpoints with your viewers and audience. Influence and follow the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, WhatsApp and Telegram. Instantly search for specific content across multiple platforms, all from one place.

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Easily scroll through your search results in date and time order, but also re-filter based on social network, keywords, media type, location, language and profanity censored. Options also exist for tagging, editing and previewing.

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Custom Integrations

Looking for a custom data integration? Then let’s talk about what is needed for your production. From sports, betting, weather or stocks, Dizplai is open to a world of real-time data to display in your graphics workflow.

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User Management

The User Management module has been created to put you in full control of who has access to the platform and the access rights they have. Decide who can create content searches, manage formats and publish content to air.

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Chrome Extension

Select and cue content via the Dizplai Chrome extension for quick discovery and delivery.

Add individual public social posts from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to existing searches, ready for the moderator to review, modify and take to air.

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What Our Clients Say

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Case Studies

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History Channel Vikings

History Channel – Vikings

HISTORY Channel UK invited Vikings viewers to send in their best Viking impressions for a chance to star in personalized promos for broadcast.

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Breast Cancer Now – WearItPink

Breast Cancer Now utilised our platform to manage social engagement throughout their media campaign, using the hashtag #WearItPink.

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Manchester City – Matchday Live

Manchester City created the We’re Not Really Here campaign to enhance fan and players’ matchday experience.

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