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Dizplai (“us”, “we”, or “our”) licenses software that supports our customers in producing Social TV and Audience Engagement solutions. This informs you of our policies regarding the collection, use and disclosure of Personal Information when our customers use our software.

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Our software uses information sources that are either public and accessible for everyone or that have been licensed to us by the social networks themselves. Public sources are websites that anyone can access at all times, e.g. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Instagram. Licensed sources consist of official computer access points (“APIs”) offered and managed by the social networks and these are subject to local and global privacy laws. Access to licensed sources requires us to register ourselves with the social network and to pass a qualification process. Each registration is subject to continuous review procedures to see if the actual usage is still consistent with its claimed use cases.

Our software collects social content to publish aggregated or selected individual social posts online, in a broadcast production, on a second screen or as part of a clip. As part of the data collection, our software receives public profile information of public posts, such as the alias, avatar or real name. Our software does not have access to non-public profile information or to non-public posts. In particular, we, our partners or any third party do not have access to private profile information such as email addresses, physical addresses, date of birth, professional information, social/family relations, interests, subscriptions or private communication with others.

Our software does not share any information with 3rd parties. We do not maintain a user database or retain personal data in other ways and are not involved in any form of profiling or targeting.

Collected public data is owned by our customers and removed from the system after the online or broadcast production has ended. The exact moment that this is done is decided by the owning customer. Dizplai always recommends doing this as quickly as possible.

​Within our application, you may authenticate with the social network. This allows you to retrieve comments posted on your public pages, and to reply to them. For example, by authenticating with Google, you can retrieve comments left on YouTube videos and live chat from your own channel while you are streaming live to YouTube. Dizplai allow you to ingest that content, but how you use it is then fully under your control, and Dizplai do not use that data anywhere.

Dizplai and data processing

When an account is created in Dizplai, the only required data is a username and password, as defined by your Local Administrator. This information is not transferred to Dizplai, or held by them for any purpose other than maintaining the service, and you can delete your account at any time.

Dizplai can be used to authenticate to other platforms, such as social media sites, for the sole purpose of surfacing publicly accessible content related to accounts you manage.

Dizplai and Facebook data

To complete a Facebook search, you will need to authenticate to Facebook using a Facebook login screen. This will allow you to retrieve information related to Facebook pages you manage. When creating the search, you may retrieve user names, avatars and comments from people who have already engaged with you on Facebook.

Dizplai do not store or process your Facebook account information outside of your implementation of Dizplai, nor is it ever shared with third parties. It is used solely for the purpose of ingesting content from the platform, and this can only be undertaken by you. You are in control of how long any Facebook content is kept, and who can see it within Dizplai, and each instance of Dizplai is restricted to your organization. Depending on the searches you configure, your implementation of Dizplai may store other users’ account name and avatar, based on their interactions with your account. All of this is kept within your Dizplai environment, and is not accessible to anyone you have not granted express access to. In summary, you can choose to retrieve:

  • From your Facebook account, after authentication: User name, avatar, user access token.
  • From Facebook pages you manage and grant access to: Name, avatar, page access token, posts that have been made public.
  • From pages you are not an admin of: If you search for posts or comments on a page you are not an admin for, you will receive the name and avatar of the page, and public comments. You will not receive user names and avatars.

If you choose, you can use your Facebook login to react or reply to Facebook content. This will post your reactions or replies back to the comment or page on Facebook. This is optional, and Dizplai will never post anything on your behalf without you taking direct action to do so within the Dizplai interface.

​You may remove (unlink) your Facebook login at any point, and can delete any comments you have ingested from Dizplai at any point.

When signing in to Dizplai or Viz Social by Dizplai, always make sure that you are accessing it via a domain that ends with Dizplai, eg https://yourname.dizplai, and has a valid SSL certificate.

​We may update our Privacy Policy from time to time. We will notify you of any changes by posting the new Privacy Policy on this page. You are advised to review this Privacy Policy periodically for any changes. Changes to this Privacy Policy are effective when they are posted on this page.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us.

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