IBC 2021 “The Show Must Go On!” – What’s Up Next?

IBC 2021 is no longer. But we’ve got plenty happening before the year ends, including news of updates to our platform and a number of events.

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IBC’s in-person show is no longer, but we’ve got plenty happening before the year ends!


We’ve just announced new updates to our award-winning platform, featuring an enhanced Producer Portal for presenters to cue live content via a tablet, native QR-code generation, and access to real-time weather data from AccuWeather.

We’ll be at Broadcast TECHFEST in London, hosting a panel with BBC, ITV, and QVC, talking about audience engagement. Plus, we’ll be joining Sports Video Group for their SVG Summit, in New York, where our Managing Director Ed Abis, will be talking about sports engagement.

And finally, we’ll be supporting our friends at IABM, as they deliver the IABM BAM Live virtual event – powered by Bee-On.

IBC Digital

Our team is still available for virtual and in-person demos – where possible – so we’d love to catch up with you before the year ends. You can connect with us on the IBC Digital, or click on the details below.

Broadcast TechFest

A one-day event celebrating tech innovation in the broadcast production and post industry, led by the publishers of BROADCAST and BROADCAST Sport. Register now to join us at the Brewery in London on Tuesday 30 November and watch the panel at 11.45. Titled, ‘Cloud engagement: How content producers are using cloud-based solutions to enhance audience engagement’, the high-profile team will be delving into their audience strategy and what they’ve been doing to connect with viewers.

Register here

SVG Summit, NYC

We’re flying across the pond to catch up with our friends at Sports Video Group in New York City! Managing Director, Ed Abis will be jumping onto another panel alongside US-based sports content providers, to discuss ways players and fans can connect and interact, using the latest technology to deliver content.

Register here

What’s new with Bee-On?

At Dizplai, we constantly work closely with our clients and relay comments and feedback for our development team to discover new ways to access and source a growing world of data. It’s not just social media content that producers are looking to use or display and interact with audiences. Data and statistics are constantly being accessed now by producers to feature things like football results, or even live weather, with further ways to engage constantly evolving.

As viewing habits change and the audience consumes data and content on any number of platforms, producers are tasked with sourcing and delivering live, relevant content, of the highest quality. The very latest features available to users now include native QR-code generation for instant access to additional content from any platform, and enhanced Producer Portal with simple Presenter mode, for on-screen talent to quickly cue and publish sourced content via a tablet, and advanced Producer mode with more functionality. Further updates offer AccuWeather data integration, ideal for news and event formats, plus email integration for connectivity with viewers.

The new Producer Portal in action:


Producer Portal

Recently used by BT Sport and Euronews, the Presenter Edition of the Producer Portal is a dedicated interface for managing the playout of single- or multi-format graphics via Dizplai’s own onboard graphics Engine. The new mode enables option for presenters to take control of some aspects of the production. Presenters can read comments that have been published in queues by the moderator / producer and “Take” to air or click “Off” air. This functionality is accessible by a tablet, giving presenters the power to drive published content in the live environment.

You can find out about the list of new features here

Exciting things happening before the end of the year, so make sure you catch up with our team. Email hello@dizplai.com to set up a meeting, or contact us here to request a demo!

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