Dizplai v27 release includes innovative new features

Dizplai upgrade includes enhanced Producer Portal, QR-code generation, and access to weather data, to display live on air, alongside cloud and broadcast graphics.

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Bee-On v27 release includes innovative new features

The latest update to our cloud-based platform gives broadcasters, content producers and event coordinators access to a wider world of tools to curate live data in their offering, adding enhanced Producer Portal, native QR-code generation, and access to real-time weather content.


As viewing habits change and the audience consumes data and content on any number of platforms, producers are tasked with sourcing and delivering live, relevant content, of the highest quality. The very latest features available to users now include native QR-code generation for instant access to additional content from any platform, and enhanced Producer Portal with simple Presenter mode, for on-screen talent to quickly cue and publish sourced content via a tablet, and advanced Producer mode with more functionality. Further updates offer AccuWeather data integration, ideal for news and event formats, plus email integration for connectivity with viewers.

Cloud-based data display platform gives production teams the tools to access, source, filter and manage social media content, messaging and data, redisplayed alongside cloud or broadcast graphics. Managed from a web browser for any workflow, producers are creating an interactive offering, with live audience reaction, polls, and real-time data with onboard and hardware graphics integrations.

The latest updates include:

QR-code geberation

QR code technology has reappeared since the pandemic. We’ve enabled real-time generation of customisable QR codes within the platform, to activate viewers and share information or content on products, advertising, virtual events, and now even broadcast and streamed video. Simply include a URL or message and generate the QR code, for display within the live or pre-recorded content, so viewers can quickly scan using a mobile device to access that information while watching.


Dizplai’s Social Feed show featuring native QR codes

Producer portal

Recently used by BT Sport and Euronews, the Presenter Edition of the Producer Portal is a dedicated interface for managing the playout of single- or multi-format graphics via Dizplai’s own onboard graphics Engine. The new mode enables option for presenters to take control of some aspects of the production. Presenters can read comments that have been published in queues by the moderator / producer and “Take” to air or click “Off” off air. This functionality is accessible by a tablet, giving presenters the power to drive published content in the live environment.

AccuWeather integration

We’re excited about a new collaboration with commercial weather forecasting service, AccuWeather. Giving producers access to live weather formats, featuring location-based five-day rolling forecasts, curated as overlays within Dizplai’s onboard graphics engine.


Incoming Email

The latest iteration of the platform includes enhanced functionality to ingest and curate incoming emails. Delivering added-value opportunities, featuring exclusive content and promotions, or enabling a conversation for wider demographic not using social media or messaging apps – such as WhatsApp – to connect with viewers on additional platforms.

Click here if you’d like a demo of the latest updates and features of our award winning platform.

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