IBC 2023: Dizplai powers a new breed of live sports experience with latest release

By combining audience engagement, sports data and a rich set of real-time graphics, the platform has become a comprehensive solution for any broadcaster, sports team or brand that wants to produce fan-first content before, during or after any sport

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London, 13th September 2023 – Dizplai has added new graphics, engagement and sports data capabilities to its end-to-end platform. The latest version is designed to empower broadcasters, sports teams, federations and brands to create highly engaging live content for fans – before, during, and after, their favourite sporting events. The new release will be demonstrated at IBC 2023.

By powering more dynamic, interactive live content from one platform, the Dizplai platform allows producers to respond to a changing audience profile. Viewers have come to expect richer, more fan-oriented live sports experiences, such as watchalongs, alternate streams, pre-/post-match discussion shows, and data-driven livestreams.

Dizplai’s new capabilities include:

Real-time graphics templates: a suite of customisable html graphics templates, specifically designed to display real-time statistics, audience participation and commercial activations. The templates visualise sports data, comments and opinion from social media, messaging apps and the customer’s own platforms, as well as sponsor badging, QR codes and commercial activations. Together these templates give producers everything they need to produce highly engaging live content that turns fans from passive viewers into an active community, whilst generating direct business value.

More ways to engage: in addition to audience participation via social media and messaging apps, the platform now provides a range of easy-to-deploy, embeddable web apps. This enables Dizplai customers to build interactivity into their own platforms, including UGC collection, polls, predictors and trivia synchronised directly to graphics. These engagement tools reduce dependency on third party platforms and open up new ways to collect data and understand the audience.

– Live sports data built-in: the platform and graphic templates combine seamlessly with real-time sports data from providers such as Opta. This removes the need for complex integrations and long lead times, making it possible to launch data-rich, dynamic match previews, watchalongs or alternate streams in hours, not weeks.

The new updates mean that Dizplai continues to lead the way in powering new forms of live sports and entertainment and answer the ever-growing demand for dynamic, fan-first content.

“Demand for live, data-rich, interactive experiences around sports is booming, especially with younger audiences” says Ed Abis, Managing Director, “we are delighted to see how our existing and new customers are using the Dizplai platform to create new types of live content that give their audiences a voice and provide alternative ways to follow the action.”

Dizplai will exhibit at IBC 2023, RAI, Amsterdam, 5th to 18th September 2023 – Hall 5, Booth C62. Along with demonstrating the new platform capabilities, Dizplai will showcase planned automation and artificial intelligence implementations that speed up the process of audience content moderation. As well as sports data graphics displays that reduce the need for human intervention and create a more engaging outcome.

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