How Interactive WebApps Can Boost Audience Engagement

Can you use Interactive WebApps to boost engagement in your live content? Find out how you can use WebApps to provide a unique live experience in this blog.

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When looking to engage your live audience, your mind may jump to social interactions and comment sections, but what if we told you there was a way to engage with your audience in your own web environment?

Our team of audience engagement experts at Dizplai have been hard at work, creating a powerful new way to create branded, fully customisable audience engagement tools. We’re giving you control over exactly how you want to interact with your audience.

Enter Interactive WebApps, the most innovative solution for creating a synergistic experience that complements your social efforts. Engage your audience on all fronts, grow your reach via social and provide a unique, tailored experience with your own custom WebApp.

So, what exactly are Interactive WebApps, and how can they help you revolutionise your live content?

What are Interactive WebApps?

An Interactive WebApp is a custom browser-based application that is designed to integrate directly into a webpage of your choice, making it accessible using any web browser. They are often used to boost engagement levels through polls, comments and more, encouraging your audience to interact in your web environment rather than a third party’s (such as social media).

Interactive WebApps are especially useful during large events, such as big live broadcasts, business conferences or scheduled livestreams, as it provides you a quick and easy way to gather lots of data in a short amount of time (and in the most convenient format!).

What are the benefits of Interactive WebApps?

Whether you’re a business looking to engage your audience, a live content streamer who’s after a unique way to consolidate audience interactions, or a corporation seeking new ways to internally gather thoughts and feedback, there are myriad uses and benefits of Interactive WebApps.

Link to WebApps using QR codes

Have you got a burning question you want to source audience opinions of, but want to own the experience and source your own data?

Throwing up a link on your content’s overlay is a superb way of guaranteeing boosted engagement, as:

  • It’s easily (and immediately) accessible to everyone watching your content.
  • It’s non-committal, all the viewer needs to do is scan the code on their second screen device.
  • It’s significantly quicker, as there’s only one page to load.
Time sensitive

You can set your WebApps as you go, choosing an expiration time/date for that specific design.

This allows you to hold snap polls & other engagement activities on the fly, ensuring that they disappear once the show is finished, or the activity is no longer relevant, giving you full control and making sure that nobody finds the page outside of your broadcast timeframe.

Own the whole user journey

Utilising social interaction is powerful, and WebApps aren’t a 1-to-1 replacement for social.

Instead, WebApps should work synergistically with your social media channels, linking back and helping you grow your followership.

They allow you to own the user journey and make the experience exactly how you want with no restrictions. You own all of the data that you gather, and can seamlessly factor it into your CRM.

Improved flexibility

Your social channels might allow for basic polls and other engagement, but with an Interactive WebApp, the sky’s the limit for what you can do.

  • Create a fully branded interactivity app? All of our WebApps can be fully branded to your specifications.
  • Cultivate an accessible data collection methodology? Data collection is far easier from an official, branded space (your viewers will trust it more).
  • Fancy a visual change? Our WebApps offer a full suite of customisation options, allowing you to change backgrounds, colour schemes, layouts and much more.

Get creative with your WebApp and ensure that it’s an experience that your audience will never forget.

Want to talk about how you might want to use Interactive WebApps in your live content? Talk to our specialists today for custom advice and ideas.

Harvest more data and information from your audience

Social media platforms own consumer data such as email addresses, full names and ages, making it difficult to harvest the data you need. Interactive WebApps allow you to own the engagement process and any data sourced through your platform.

This provides you with unique growth opportunities and new ways to access essential information about your audience.

Keep everything properly branded

Your environment = your branding.

As you own the space, you can create it exactly how you want:

  • Include your full branding, designs and colour palette
  • Feature links to your key landing pages
  • Offer more useful information for your audience
  • Open sponsorship opportunities and feature ads/sponsors on your WebApp

There are no limits on how your Interactive WebApp can look, or what information you choose to include.

Accessible through any web browser

There’s no download involved, just access the page from the web browser of your choice. This reduces user friction, making it easier to encourage people to engage.

Simple. Intuitive. Fast.

All results integrate with our cloud data display platform

The best part about our Interactive WebApps? All of the results data (emails, names, etc.) gathered is stored on the webpage, ready for you to easily integrate it into your CRM, meaning that it’s never lost and you can access it at your convenience.

Collect and collate data, then access it from anywhere in the world. It doesn’t get much better than that!

What businesses might choose to use Interactive WebApps?

The most exciting thing about Interactive WebApps is their flexibility. Here’s some business examples for their usage:

  • A broadcaster creating a space for viewers to submit their own opinion or vote
  • A brand featuring a WebApp to gather feedback on a product
  • A livestreamer who wants to run a quick audience poll
  • A business looking to source opinions at a corporate event
  • A sports team looking to create a gathering place for fans

We could go on, but really, if you are looking to engage with your audience in a unique and personalised way, then Interactive WebApps are for you.

Learn more – talk to our specialists today

Looking to implement Interactive WebApps into your audience engagement strategy, but aren’t sure where to start?

Don’t worry, our team of specialists at Dizplai are here to help.

Want to see our Interactive WebApps in person? We’ll be demonstrating at IBC 2022 on the 9th-12th September 2022. Click the link below to book a meeting with our team in advance to avoid disappointment and see exactly how Interactive WebApps will revolutionise the way your live audience engagement works.

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