SBS – Tour De France

SBS broadcasted extensive live coverage of the 107th Tour de France with Viz Social – powered by Dizplai.

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The Project:

Australian broadcaster SBS, broadcast extensive live coverage of the 107th Tour de France, displaying fan reaction, sourced from Twitter throughout the night. Producers ran a 21-show frenetic, fast-paced broadcast, with Viz Social – powered by Dizplai – managing social moderation to engage the huge community of avid racing fans and interact with branded ad campaigns and sponsored content.

The Challenge:

SBS managed their coverage and the live show from their studios in Sydney, as Covid-19 limitations required global rights holders to work from a de-centralised production hub. With less spectators on the course and with a huge following in Australia, producers looked at ways of delivering live content featuring fan reaction, to reward viewers who stayed up each night to watch the four-hour show.

Vizrt’s production tools were used to build spectacular graphics for the overlays, so the team were looking to use a social moderation system that would compliment their workflows and integrate seamlessly into the fan-based social visualisations.

How we did it:

Dizplai and partner, Vizrt combined efforts to enable the production of a captivating live event during the three-week event. With just one week to go before race-day, social moderation – something they had not done before – was given the green light and swiftly integrated into workflow. Dizplai were on hand to train the social producers, so they could source, moderate and redisplay twitter comments, images, and live reaction.

The Results:

SBS has built a highly interactive community of cycling fans, and feature racing content throughout the year for their linear broadcast and digital channels. Producers created a mini campaign for viewers to engage with calls-to-action, as #CouchPeleton gave them the chance to share pictures viewing at home, and #TourSnacks included hungry fans to show pictures of their midnight snacks. To create a truly interactive experience, TV idents played popular tunes and viewers had to guess who the DJ was by tweeting the DJ name and the hashtag #TrollDJ.

Dizplai’s social moderation engine sourced all the social data and aggregated results, where producers could choose the best images and winners of the ‘name that tune’- style game on Twitter and redisplay into the broadcast graphics. For one of the world’s most famous sporting events, the interactivity of the coverage made sure the millions of viewers watching the broadcast could stay up in the middle of the night and connect with the community of over 500,000 on SBS Australia’s social following.

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