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Learn how Sky transformed live sports from a passive into an active audience experience, across boxing, darts, NFL, tennis and more.

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Sky Sports is one of the UK’s premium destinations for live sport, including football, tennis, golf, motorsport, darts, NFL and much more. Since 2013, Sky has been using the Dizplai platform to bring viewer voices and opinion into its coverage, enhancing editorial storytelling and creating a sense of community around each sport.

Sky Sports –  Darts


Sky Sports primary goal was to engage fans and make sure their voices were heard across as many of the sports they cover as possible. They needed a platform that was intuitive and easy to use so that multiple production teams could pick up and run with it, even with short lead times. They also needed a partner with whom they could collaborate with creatively and entrust with the creation of graphics that matched Sky’s branding and quality standards.

Secondly, they needed a platform that offered a variety of ways to allow audiences to engage. This ranges from social media text, images and videos, messaging apps such as whatsapp or in some cases, custom web apps designed specifically for a particular use case such as scoring each round in a boxing match.

Finally, Sky needed a platform that was easy to integrate – either feeding directly into the existing graphics engine they use or capable of delivering broadcast graphics in parallel to existing systems.

Sky Sports –  NFL

Dizplai’s cloud based engagement and live graphics platform ticked all these boxes.


Sky adopted the Dizplai’s platform in 2013 and have expanded its use to Golf, Rugby, Boxing, NFL, Tennis and Darts. The intuitive nature of the platform has meant that production teams are able to adopt and use the platform with minimum fuss and where necessary, Dizplai provides graphics that look and work seamlessly with Sky’s existing live graphics.

Starting with audience messages from social media, Sky has expanded this to include images and videos sourced through the Dizplai platform. They have also added Whatsapp as a way for audiences to get involved and submit their comments and questions.

Finally, for Sky’s Boxing coverage, Dizplai has delivered the Boxing Scorecard web app – a way for audiences at home to score each round of a boxing match and then see the overall Viewers’ Verdict moments later on screen. Not only does the Scorecard enhance storytelling around the fight – allowing commentators to contrast the audience scores with those of the judges – it also acts as a driver of traffic into the Sky Sports app via a QR code shown on screen.

Sky Sports –  Boxing

Read more about the Boxing Scorecard here


The Dizplai platform has become a one-stop-shop for Sky to engage audiences across multiple sports – allowing the broadcaster to move quickly and efficiently rather than being dependent on long project lead times and complex integrations for each production. It has also offered the flexibility needed to engage audiences in different ways depending on the sport and scale of production.

Furthermore, at Dizplai we pride ourselves on being a creative partner to production teams – not just a technology platform – and this has meant that we have been able to advise and adapt to each sport’s production team needs rather than a cookie cutter approach with no flexibility.

These factors have meant that during every year of our collaboration, Sky Sports have added additional sports and use cases – in 2023 alone we have added Tennis, Darts and Rugby with further plans to expand in the coming months.

Sky Sports –  Tennis

Watch some examples of our work for Sky Sports Below:


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