How to Boost Your Live Broadcast Using Audience Engagement Tools

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In this article, we explore the different audience engagement tools you could use to boost your live broadcasts. 

What audience engagement tools can be used to boost live broadcasts?

When it comes to audience engagement tools there’s a whole host of options, each with potential that can be harnessed for your business’ unique needs.

Here are 4 audience engagement tools you can use in your broadcast, all of which are possible using Dizplai’s audience engagement software.


If you have a social media account, you’re probably already familiar with polls and chances are you’ve even taken part in one.

Polls boost your live broadcast by engaging your audience to share their opinion. Viewers love sharing their thoughts on topics they’re interested in, especially with the incentive that they can be displayed on screen during an intriguing live event. Polls also keep viewers engaged because they want to see what the result is.

The benefit of holding a poll during a live event is that you can gather data and respond to it in real-time, resulting in a more personal experience for your viewers while simultaneously collecting valuable information through your content.

Interactive web apps

Interactive web apps are an innovative tool you can use to combine your live broadcast with your social efforts.

These custom, browser-based applications mean that you can direct your viewers to any webpage, accessible using any web browser, where they can engage with your content through, polls, surveys, comments and much more.

QR codes

As you’ve probably already noticed, QR codes are everywhere and with good reason. Through the quick and easy process of scanning the code through a photograph, users can gain instant access to whatever information, social media account, or webpage a business wants to share. 

This feature can be used in exactly the same way for your live broadcast. Simply sharing your QR code on your screen presents an opportunity for you to share content outside of your live event, providing a frictionless connection for your viewers to your business. 

Social data

What do people do when they enjoy content? They rave about it on their social media pages. That’s why social data is such a valuable tool for audience engagement.

Having the ability to display someone’s Facebook status or tweet while they hype up your live event is a great way to entice more viewers and organically increase your reach.

Additionally, people love to see their thoughts and opinions, or those of their families and friends up on the screen. This 15 seconds of fame is almost like a reward for their viewership and gives them the incentive to keep up their engagement on their social media accounts.

Not only will showcasing their opinions make them feel like a valued customer, but it will also turn your broadcast into a personal experience that will make your brand more memorable to them and have them returning for more of your services in the future.

Audience Engagement Tools from Dizplai

At Dizplai, we understand the untapped potential of your live broadcasts. Through the use of audience engagement tools, you can take your live events to the next level. 

If you have any further questions about how Dizplai can harness these innovative solutions to create engaging content for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today. 

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