How Audience Interaction Software Benefits Live Broadcasts

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Live broadcasts are a powerful way to boost brand visibility through real-time engagement, but what if we told you that with audience interaction software, you could optimise this time further?

In this article, we look at the many ways audience interaction software can benefit live broadcasts.

What is audience interaction software?

Before we dive into the benefits of audience interaction software, let us explain what it is. Audience interaction software is a tool that enables you to display a range of visual features, such as graphics, live polls, social media displays, surveys or messages, so that event organisers, presenters and hosts can interact and engage with their audience during live broadcasts.

These opportunities create a more personal engagement experience for viewers as they share their thoughts and opinions on the event. This level of interaction also builds a sense of connection between the viewer and your business, making them feel like a valued part of the event and creating an incentive to return to your services.

Ultimately the software allows you to maximise the potential of real-time engagement. What more could you want for your live event?

What are the benefits of using audience interaction software during live broadcasts?

Entices more viewers

We’ve all, at least at one time in our lives, watched a TV show based on a mate’s recommendation. Especially if they’re raving about it on social media, which is why audience interaction software is so valuable to live broadcasts. Displaying someone’s social media status as they hype up your live event entices others, including their friends, to tune in to see what the fuss is about – organically growing your reach.

People also love to see themselves or their family and friends featured on screen. This makes sharing their thoughts on your event almost like a reward for their viewership, giving them the incentive to keep watching and interacting on their social media accounts.

Better sponsorship deals

Live broadcasts are a great opportunity for gaining a large number of viewings, which is exactly what your sponsors want. And as your viewer count grows, boosted by your use of audience interaction tools, so does your opportunity for better sponsorships.

An additional benefit of audience interaction software is that you can create more attractive and engaging displays for your sponsorship messaging.

Enables you to gather valuable data

Not only does audience interaction software increase your viewer count, but it also provides an excellent opportunity for your business to gather valuable data.

To be involved in your live events a viewer will need to create an account, a process that takes minimal effort and commitment, which means they’re more likely to do it.

You can also gather valuable marketing information through the use of audience interaction tools, allowing your business to:

  • Learn more about your viewer’s preferences to improve your targeting
  • Organically source feedback for your content
  • Revise your messaging to address viewer needs and pain points

Increase viewer satisfaction

It’s no secret that providing great content and an intriguing audience experience increases your viewer count, and audience interaction software is the key to creating excellent live content. By creating a memorable experience for them, your viewers are more likely to remember your services and come back for more.

In addition, sharing viewers’ opinions on events will make them feel like valued customers, increasing their fondness for your brand.

Audience Interaction Software from Dizplai

We’re ready to take your live broadcast content to the next level, are you? 

With audience interaction software, the sky’s the limit, meaning that whatever you want to achieve with your live content Dizplai can help you achieve it. 

If you have any questions or would like to book a tailored demo, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today.

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