Why broadcasters are getting into Watchalongs

Watchalongs have gone from homemade productions to slickly produced, value-generating content and broadcasters are starting to get into the game. Let’s look at why.

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Watching someone else watching the match is a thing? You bet! Audiences, particularly younger ones, are tuning into interactive livestreams featuring alternative commentary either in parallel to (or sometimes even instead of!) the main broadcast.

And more recently, the Watchalong phenomenon has gone from being an amateur pursuit to something much more professionally produced, the hugely successful United Stand fan channel being a great example. So it’s maybe no surprise that broadcasters like TNT Sports, Amazon Prime and ESPN are getting in on the act with Watchalongs and alternate streams of their own.

So why should any broadcaster of live sports or entertainment be considering producing their own Watchalong shows? Here are 3 reasons:

1) Expand and retain (younger) audiences

Watchalongs are already popular, especially among younger audiences, on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. By producing a companion Watchalong, broadcasters can expand their reach on new platforms, attract new viewers to the main broadcast and hold their attention for longer.

TNT Sports UFC Watchalong

2) Build loyal communities

Interactivity and conversation are a natural part of any good Watchalong – giving broadcasters a direct path to building communities around particular sports or entertainment shows, creating stickiness and gaining direct insight into their audience. A dynamic, engaging Watchalong show with the right talent is a relatively low cost way of building a loyal community around a particular sport or brand.

PDC Watchalong, Darts

3) Open new revenue streams

Watchalongs offer more flexibility with monetisation than the main broadcast. Sponsorship/partner integration, use of QR codes, integration of gamification/prediction gaming as well as video advertising are just some of the ways a successful Watchalong show can generate value and become a profit centre in its own right.

That’s Football Watchalong

Want to get started with your Watchalong strategy? Book some time with us by clicking below and we’ll show you how the Dizplai platform powers interactive, stats-rich, value-generating Watchalong shows for the likes of TNT Sports, The United Stand / That’s Football and the Professional Darts Corporation.

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