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A captivated viewer-base is more likely to interact with your broadcast – linear tv or digital stream – resulting in more opportunities to boost ratings, enhance viewer experience and increase revenues with sponsors and advertisers.

Broadcasters need to continually adopt new content and engagement strategies, leading to an acceleration in the need to bring audiences closer to the content. 60-70% of viewers have a second screen device on them, and some even third screens while consuming the primary content. A strong reason to motivate viewers to share their reactions, for a chance to be featured in your live offering, and ensure they’re interacting with you on the primary and second screen.

Consumer habits

Access a world of content

Looking back at 2021, we saw a world of content delivered across a plethora of platforms and channels for our global client-base. Our cloud-based data display platform has supported production teams with the tools to deliver real-time content and graphics straight-to-air. With seamless integration into any production workflow, and managed via a web browser, Dizplai enables the user to source, edit, and curate real-time social media, messaging apps, and data feeds via a web browser.

Source content and data

Access a world of content with Dizplai

Activate your audience

Social media has a huge impact on how your content is received. An entertained or informed viewer will discuss what they’ve watched on social media. In fact, 41% tweet about the show they’re watching, while 76% of those people post about their show as it’s live, and 79% use Facebook whilst watching TV. So activate your audience during your programme and create a call-to-action to make viewers be part of the conversation.

Dizplai’s engagement tools can activate and entertain viewers on social, in messaging apps (such as WhatsApp and Telegram), in your live offering, or pull social data from third-party feeds. Deliver real-time polls, manage competitions, or simply display a QR code generated by Dizplai, to connect with your viewers’ 2nd device.

Social impact on TV

Bring your production to life

The term “Broadcast quality” is a thing of the past and is no longer fixed to traditional TV. Whether it’s a stream on Facebook Live, OTT, or live broadcast on linear TV, your content needs to look the best. Viewers expect the best, or they’ll switch off.

Dizplai provides a workflow in which you can manage the connectivity between sourcing content, and triggering graphics within traditional systems – such as VizRT, Chyron, Ross, Avid, RT Systems etc – through dedicated API’s, and JSON and XML feeds. Take advantage of HTML Graphics. Feature a rolling ticker, social wall, sidebar, or hero selected content on any display. Captivate fans in a stadium, within a virtual studio, or use an interactive display to showcase audience generated content and real-time data.

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Seamless integration of the data and social you source, manage and curate, redisplayed within hardware or HTML graphics is simple when using the right tools. The way you engage and interact with your audience can also be a simple task with a tried and tested engagement strategy.

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