Dizplai Q&A –  Peter Cassidy, Commercial Director

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What do you do at Dizplai?

As Commercial Director, I am responsible for Sales & Marketing with the overall goal of helping the company grow in a healthy way, through success and expansion with existing customers and adding new ones.


What motivated you to join the Dizplai team?

I’ve been involved in interactivity in live programming since it involved texting from a Nokia. I love the buzz of live programming and the idea that anyone at home can be part of something much bigger than themselves. So the opportunity to go out and talk about the Dizplai platform and how we give audiences and fans a voice feels more like fun than work.

The other motivation was the company itself and its culture. We’re a small team but agile and with a real can-do attitude. And some of our more recent projects with the likes of BT Sport, Sky and United Stand show just how much potential we have to grow.

So when Ed (our MD) asked me to come on board, it was a no-brainer.


What are your strengths and how do you see them helping within your role?

I love being in a commercial role but deep down I’m a creative at heart. I enjoy nothing more than working collaboratively with a customer to come up with the best possible creative execution for audience interactivity. Given that our platform is a creative tool used by creative people, I think that is an essential part of selling it.


What’s the best piece of advice you have ever received?

You do everything better when you’re not thinking about it.


Who’s your dream customer?

As a live music junkie, I’d love us to help a festival like Primavera in Barcelona or Green Man in Wales to engage their audiences both at the venue and on live streams remotely. I’ll gladly come along and offer my technical support in person.


If you had to eat one type of food, for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

My partner Shabira’s homemade dahl. If you tasted it, you would understand.


If you could switch jobs with anyone for the day, who would it be and why?

Third choice goalkeeper at Man United. Have always fancied myself as a decent keeper but would be happy to be hang around the training ground and Old Trafford without too much legwork and pressure.


How do you switch off?

I’m a runner and hitting the road with a decent podcast about Buddhism, science or philosophy is perfect therapy. That plus live music (see Q5)


What’s your poison?

Strong black filter coffee in the morning. The occasional Guinness in the evening.


If you were stuck on a deserted island and you could take ONE item, what would it be and why?

A grand piano. I can’t really play but that’s probably a good time to learn. And I could lie under it for shade.

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