Why Use Broadcast Graphics Software from Dizplai 

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Audience engagement is the key to the success for any modern broadcaster. However, with social media platforms, streaming services and other distractions pulling viewers away from your broadcast, it’s essential that you find ways to keep your viewers hooked. 

That’s where Dizplai come in. Using our broadcast graphics software, broadcasters can create unique visuals and interactive content that enhance audience experience, increase reach and boost engagement. 

No matter what content you broadcast, integrating the right software will help you lead the charge in a rapidly changing industry. 

In this article, we highlight the many benefits of using broadcast graphic software from Dizplai.

What is broadcast graphics software? 

Broadcast graphics software is a type of software that can be used to create and manage high-quality, real-time graphics for broadcasts. 

These graphics can range from lower thirds and tickers to full-screen animations. These eye-catching visuals succeed in captivating viewers and keeping them tuned in. 

Couple this with the ability to bring viewers into the fold via live social data sourcing and moderation, and you’ve got a recipe for some truly revolutionary content. 

It’s no wonder that the popularity of broadcast graphics software is on the rise! We highly recommend finding a specialist partner when looking for broadcast graphic software; a team of experts who can guide you and ensure you’re getting the most value possible out of your graphics. 

What are the benefits of using graphics software from Dizplai?

Aside from making your content visually captivating, there are many other benefits of using Dizplai’s industry-leading platform. 

Simplify audience interaction and engagement

The wide range of tools that graphic software provides to broadcasters unlocks new and unique ways for you to engage and interact with your viewers. 

Audience interaction and engagement becomes seamless, integrating flawlessly into your broadcast, bringing social data to the forefront of your content via live polls, webapps, hashtags and more. 

More social interaction organically increases the reach of your content. By making it easier than ever to connect with your viewers, Dizplai allow you to expose your content to a wider audience than ever before.

Enable high-quality output ability

A broadcast is only as good as the quality of its content, so when it comes to creating graphics, you need to know that you’re using the best software available. 

Broadcast graphic software from Dizplai makes creating stunning graphics easier than ever before. We can help you to create broadcast-quality graphics, elevating your content and giving it a truly premium feel. 

Wide range of features

Engagement should happen on a variety of levels. Dizplai’s broadcast software helps you do exactly that, incorporating the following features directly into your broadcast:

  • Polls – Gather data and display the results in real time
  • Interactive web apps  – Create fully customisable and branded environments for interactivity
  • QR codes – Link directly to key landing pages, sell merch or promote sponsors
  • Social data – Feature audience comments directly on your broadcast

This means that no matter how you want to connect with your audience, there’s always a content solution for you.  

Easy 3rd party integration

The beauty of Dizplai’s broadcast graphics software is that it can be integrated with other external sources such as sports data, weather and news data feeds. This means that content can be fed through to broadcast in real-time without the need for manual intervention.  

Create from anywhere

Graphic software can be used to create and manage graphics from anywhere with an internet connection.

Broadcasting from a beach in Marbella? No problem.

Access Dizplai’s creative team

By partnering with Dizplai, you’ll get access to our experienced creative team – experts in bringing broadcasts to life through broadcast graphic software.

We’re here as advisors, working closely with you to ensure your creative vision is brought to life in a way that delivers tangible results (increased viewership, more engagement, longer tune-in time). 

We’re ready to transform your broadcasts – are you?

At Dizplai, we believe that you deserve the tools and support you need to make your broadcast truly successful.

Our clients enjoy unparalleled access to our industry-leading tools and specialist support.

When you’re ready to engage your audience like never before, give our friendly team of specialists a shout. We’re on hand to answer any questions you may have, and to design a tailored engagement strategy to meet your unique needs.

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