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Sky Sports News – Vauxhall Corsa

Vauxhall and Dizplai developed a dynamic advertising campaign that created calls to action for viewers of Sky Sports News.

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The Challenge:

Over the course of the final two days of the transfer window, Vauxhall wanted to capitalise on the community banter that accompanies transfer rumours by setting up fan polls between teams that were vying for a player’s signature.

We developed a Dynamic Advertising Campaigns that included creating calls to action for viewers of Sky Sports News which would allow them to vote on live transfer rumours, and in return, everyone who voted was sent a personal reply tweet from the Vauxhall Twitter account confirming the result and directing them to learn more about the Vauxhall Corsa range.

How we did it

Each club in the Premier League was designated a unique hashtag based on their team colours. This was also tied into the available Corsa car colours that are available, for example, Manchester United would be #CorsaRed.

Working in conjunction with creative partners Diagonal View and Sky Sports News, rumours were picked based on a criteria of two Premier League teams campaigning for the signature and such is the nature of the ebb and flow of the window we gave Vauxhall the ability to make late decisions, minutes before playout, on which rumour would be used in their TV ads.

We had three ad creatives set up in the Sky Playout ready to push live:

  • One call to action
  • One final reveal
  • One back-up for both live ads should there be an issue or there were no available rumours to run

The Results

The voting windows were short, with the final rumour being decided minutes before activating and delivering the data to Sky Playout with an accompanying CTA tweet being shared by the Sky Sports News Twitter account. The public then had 15 minutes to vote before the result was unveiled live in the next ad break. There were two live votes; one on the 30th of January and one on the 31st in 2019.

For each live ad, we gave an immediate result which triggered a reveal live 15 minutes later. Every unique vote that we received from the public also triggered a personal reply tweet from the official Vauxhall Twitter account to confirm the result. The replies had branded video attached and a call to action to visit the Vauxhall Corsa range online.


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