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We helped this innovative new league to engage audiences around the world, enhance  storytelling in its live coverage and collect first-party data

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Super League Triathlon has blazed a trail over the last 6 years by introducing a series of non-standard tournaments designed to challenge athletes and entertain fans in a whole new way. The events play with the traditional swim/ride/run structure of triathlons in a way that’s designed to test athletes, increase viewer excitement and boost the popularity of triathlons. One example is the ‘Triple Mix’ format – where 3 short triathlons are raced but in each triathlon the order of the disciplines is changed each time.


Super League Triathlon events are distributed to multiple broadcasters around the world – to over 80 countries and broadcast on SLT’s own platforms. Although the league has built a sizable fanbase since its inception, SLT wanted to use the broadcast to create a more direct connection with fans and get them involved in the action directly, giving their commentators a new story to tell.  They also wanted to create a new way to collect first-party data which would allow them to develop a relationship with those fans who participated


In answer to the challenge, we came up with an interactive campaign called Podium Pr3dictions for SLT’s 2023 Championship Series of races.

By responding to a QR code on screen at regular intervals before and during each race, audiences all over the world were taken to a predictions web app on the SLT website where they could predict the top 3 finishers for the women’s and men’s races. Moments later the overall results of those predictions were shown in real-time using Dizplai’s dynamic HTML graphics – giving the coverage a more dynamic and inclusive feel and creating plenty of new stories for the commentators to tell.

In order to submit their predictions, users were asked to give their email addresses and age as well as give permission to be added to SLT’s  email list for fans.


SLT fans from across the world took part, with a high percentage of those giving permission to add their contact details to SLT’s marketing email list.

The campaign ran seamlessly across 4 Championship Series races in London, Toulouse, Malibu and Neom – with the QR code and real-time predictions appearing multiple times in each women’s and men’s race. The changing audience opinion as each race progressed became a natural part of the storytelling.

The campaign is a perfect example of how a federation or league can use its biggest asset – the broadcast – as a way of deepening its relationship with fans – and enhance storytelling and sense of community at the same time. If you’d like to know more about how we help broadcasters, teams and federations turn their audiences from passive viewers into engaged fans, click below.

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