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QVC use Dizplai to deliver an interactive viewing experience to connect with their viewers in the UK, USA, Japan and Italy.

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The Project:

QVC producers integrated Dizplai’s cloud data display platform into their production workflows to enhance viewer engagement. WhatsApp, QR codes, social media and live data are at the centre of the interactive viewing experience, enabling shoppers with the environment to share their reactions and connect with live broadcasts for a number of campaigns in the UK, USA, Japan, USA, and Italy.


The Challenge:

Audience interaction is very important for QVC as a brand, and for their regional broadcast channels. Producers continually look for new ways to connect with viewers using innovative formats and social media platforms. Viewers of its programming are very loyal and interact with other shoppers, sharing reaction, images and videos and have a strong community online. Over the years producers have required a solution that would help power the interactivity of the live offering, beyond phone calls and SMS.


From awards show coverage and celebrity specials to daily programming, QVC has used Dizplai’s professional services and cloud platform to get social media comments to a variety of screens.

Dizplai was proud to work with QVC on the Beauty with Benefits #BRAVEISBEAUTIFUL campaign to support women with cancer. Producers employed Dizplai’s graphics engine to update Beauty with Benefits promos for linear and nonlinear screens to freshen up content from the audience.


‘Azabu Provador’, a segment for the Japanese channel, featured Tweets sent in by viewers via their hashtag #qvcjp and Twitter handle @QVC_Japan. Using Dizplai, QVC producers sourced incoming Tweets then selected and moderated the best ones to be ingested to the Vizrt graphics system for on-air playout.

Recent programming has also included live QR codes and two-way conversations via WhatsApp. Users are able to create QR codes with links to special promotions and to a unique WhatsApp number, where viewers share their messages and reaction, for a change to be featured during the live broadcasts.

Nito Yasuhito, Manager for Broadcast Applications at QVC Japan:

“Home shopping has always been an interactive, engaging, form of media. We have been listening to our viewers and providing them with superior shopping experiences for over 12 years in Japan. The ability to engage our audience also on social networks is an important step for us and we are excited to explore this further.”

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