CBS – Thanksgiving Day Parade

Thanksgiving on CBS, put viewer celebration at the heart of CBS’s broadcast by featuring real-time social reaction curated by Dizplai.

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Thanksgiving on CBS, produced by One Foot Productions, featured real-time social reaction curated by Dizplai. Live coverage of the 95th Macy’s New York Thanksgiving parade put viewer celebration at the heart of CBS’s 3-hour broadcast.


Event management specialists for TV, One Foot Productions, were tasked with producing the live celebrations of the world-famous event for CBS. For such a big party, producers wanted to feature viewers’ celebrations and the on-the-ground reaction from attendees. Every year Instagram and Twitter are the go-to platforms for viewers to chat about and share Thanksgiving content, so Producers needed a solution that would source the real-time content from the social channels and integrate with the broadcast graphic overlays.


Kevin Meritt – Executive Producer for One Foot Productions – and his team worked with Dizplai to compose their branded graphics to hero the live social reaction. The hosts reached out to viewers with a call to action and share their Thanksgiving snaps of family and friends, with the #TDayCBS included.

100s of viewers shared images during the parade in the hope CBS would celebrate their images. Producers used Dizplai’s social curation tools to find the best content with the relevant hashtag, and cued the images for full-screen display during each segment.

A great way to celebrate Thanksgiving and involve viewers sat at home.

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